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The Seasnake+ project will focus on the antifouling system scale up with novel application chamber reducing the curing time and make possible up-scale of cable production with antifouling on the outer jacket. The antifouling coatings will now be changed to a thinner more flexible fast curing formulation still non-biocidal solution or, when needed, small amount of biotech biocide principle already registered in European regulation, in situ cleaning drones with capacity to follow the cable when needed, and monitoring system with help of fibre optics to make the cable ready for production with full manufacturing capacity. The fibre optics solutions as today is placed in the centre of the cable, but this will be reviewed in this proposal since the addition of shape reconstruction to monitor mechanical properties and failure modes of the cable require the use of different specialty optical fibres and configuration inside the power cable. Thus, modelling and mechanical testing is still needed to unlock this new sensing capability in power cables. The new antifouling protection system will be developed together with partners in Italy leading to an integrated paint application in the production unit in Falun, Sweden. Samples will be tested at RISE Kristineberg centre for marine science and CNR nearshore facilities and at CNR site for open sea test in collaboration with fish farm infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Increase economic viability by reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE)

  2. Scale up of surface treatment solutions in the production.

  3. Implement predictive conditioning solutions in the cable design.

  4. Minimised Environmental Impact & Increased Availability (reliability, maintainability and survivability)

  5. Demonstration of dynamic cable solutions




SEASNAKE+ is a 3-year project led by RISE with tasks organised into 8 work packages specifically targeted to upscale and demonstrate a dynamic cable (TRL4 to TRL6) for the ORE sector ensuring the accomplishment of the project objectives, with WP2-4 being the main WPs for upscale of surface treatment systems in production and fibre optic monitoring system development combined with lab and ocean validation.

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